CONDO & HOA CONSTRUCTION DEFECT WARRANTY LAWS IN MARYLAND – Amendments that Extend Warranties for Condominiums and Homeowners Associations Transitioning from Developer Control

Nicholas D. Cowie drafted construction defect warranty reform legislation that closes loophole and extend warranties for Condominiums and Homeowner Associations

Attorney Nicholas Cowie is the author of legislative amendments to the Maryland statutory implied warranties for Condos and HOAs. The amendments closed loopholes used by developers to avoid warranty liability for construction defects and also extend warranty time periods for Maryland condominium and homeowners associations.

Nicholas D. Cowie Drafted the Warranty Reform Legislation that Closes Loopholes and Extends Warranties  for Condos and HOAs

In the Photo above Mr. Cowie is present for the signing of the legislation SB 597 into law and was subsequently presented with the  signing pen.

 All condominium associations and homeowners associations (“HOAs”) created in Maryland 0n or after October 1, 2010 are subject to new laws pertaining to statutory warranties for construction defects in workmanship and materials. Continue reading

TRANSITION STUDIES – Condos and HOAs Should Identify Construction Deficiencies Before Warranties Expire

construction defect damage repairs in marylandLatent Defects: many of the construction defects that we investigate for condominiums and HOAs are latent in nature, meaning the defects are concealed from view because they are located within exterior wall assemblies or otherwise hidden behind exterior building veneer systems, such as vinyl siding, brick masonry, architectural stone wall systems, EFIS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System), etc.

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CONSTRUCTION DEFECT ATTORNEY FEES: condominium entitled to attorney fees in addition to construction defect damages.


Maryland Construction Defect Attorneys 

 Maryland condo association awarded $500,000.00 for attorney fees in addition to $6.6 million damages for cost of repairing construction defects.

A condominium association may have the legal right to recover attorney’s fees in a construction defect case.   Continue reading

$5.6 MILLION JURY AWARD FOR CONDO: Construction Defect Attorneys Obtain 5.6 Million Dollar Jury Award for Construction Defect Damages

Maryland Construction Defect Attorneys, Cowie & Mott, P.A.  Obtained a $5,629,715.00 Jury Verdict for a Condominium Association

The case was tried in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The Jury awarded the $5.6 Million Dollar verdict against a national builder, Ryan Homes,  for the defective construction of an Anne Arundel County condominium.  
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Maryland Construction Defect warranty Legislation for Condominiums and Homeowner AssociationsConstruction Defect Warranty Claims in Maryland

The attorneys at Cowie & Mott, P.A. handle construction defect warranty claims for homeowners and condominium associations and are familiar with applicable laws.  Nicholas Cowie, a partner at Cowie & Mott, P.A., is an authority on Maryland warranty law and he drafted the latest warranty legislation (“Senate Bill 597“) that amends the statutory implied warranties under the Maryland Condominium Act and the Maryland Homeowners Association Act applicable to construction defects in newly constructed condominiums and homeowner associations communities (“HOA”). Continue reading